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You probably also used Facebook or Google on your travels. Especially in the Facebook groups, there is often a problem, the displayed information is useful for the country, but unfortunately just uninteresting because they are in another place or too far away. Whether it's about shopping tips, travel mates, a ride share or jobs, this information is only relevant if it is near your own position. Who of us drives hundreds of kilometers only to possibly get a job interview or similar, it is more practical if you can sort this information according to the location so you skip everything unnecessary.

And this is exactly where two young German backpackers came up with something and developed an app for Android and IOS.


What can this app do

The most important feature, everyone can create their own posts. Contributions of all kinds can be sorted into different categories. Possible categories are currently Grab a Drink, Travelmate, Jobs, Share a Ride, Question, Tip, Sell Stuff, Random. In addition, you can specify the location that is relevant to your post. If you wish, you can also add a photo or video in addition to text. That’s all, you are done.

On the overview page, you can either manually or automatically determine your location in New Zealand. Then you will see all posts within the selected radius. In addition, you can also filter by specific categories. The more recent or the more popular a post is, the sooner it will be displayed to you at the beginning, very similar to how it works in other social networks.

In addition to comments, you can also leave likes on a post. Actually as much as you are used to from most social networks.


Post preview

Post preview


For whom is this app useful

This app is useful for you if you don’t want to see all unimportant posts. Helpful to all backpackers and travellers in New Zealand. The more people join in, the greater the reach and the more useful information comes together. You can also chat with other users of the app, so you can still ask for details or just answer a Ride Share.

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In our opinion, the coolest feature is the rideshare function. Here you can not only specify start and end point, but you can also specify stopovers. So you can find the right Travelmate for your trip through New Zealand. No matter if you want to be driver or passenger, this function is a gamechanger.


Who is this app not for

This app is not for you if you do not have a smartphone. Also, this app is limited if you do not have a mobile Internet because you then can’t search location independent if you need it.


What we like

We really like to see how more and more users come to it and the selection of information is getting better and better. Also, the speed of the app is good and the usability is impeccable. Since the App has been released, a lot has happened and the development of the app has taken big steps. The most exciting we currently find the category Tip, here you will find in some places still a real insider away from the large tourist crowds. And the app doesn’t cost anything for their users. Above all, the selection of ride sahres and job offers is a big plus and a reason for many to try the app.

Nice plus, if you are looking for accommodation and book it through the app, you are helping to support reforesting projects in New Zealand and Australia, through Backpario. A part of the commission for bookings of accommodations will be donated to charitable projects.


Posts with photo

Posts with photo


What we don’t like

To light up both sides of the app, there are a few things we would like to have changed.

First of all, there are still some missing parts of the app. Meanwhile many categories are well filled with content, but for example Ride Shares has some very old posts at the top, which are simply no longer up to date. Maybe there is a possibility to change the sorting in this one category.

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These points will disappear quickly with an increasing number of users.


Available for the following systems

The app is currently available for free for Android and IOS. Just search for the name Backpario.



A useful app that makes your information easier to filter than, for example, large Facebook groups do. The potential is there in any case and we are looking forward to how it is going further.



This post was created out of personal interest and to overview for other backpackers. Backpario helped us out with pictures so that we are legally on the safe side. There was no further monetary support for the creation of the contribution. Backpario is represented at the time of writing a banner ad in the blog.


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