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Hi, nice to meet you.


I am Julian, the founder and face behind Project-Newzealand, the travel blog for all New Zealand tourists, travellers and work & holiday tourists. I am self-employed and spend most of my time working on our blog. So you can call me #travelblogger #author or #newzealandlover, but I am simply traveller and happy to have a great time in a lovely country.


Selfie of Julian

Selfie from Julian


Traveller? Yes exactly. Sounds logical when talking about New Zealand, but in the times of social media, the anonymity and the fast pace together with terms like Influencer, the authentic and natural behaviour becomes less and less. But we are travellers as you probably are. We started our job from our passion to New Zealand and our trademark is a real and honest presentation of New Zealand and all the chances you can have there. And all of that you can find in our content, the blog articles and videos. Whatever you like and read or watch, you can get a real impression on what you can find in New Zealand. Exactly that makes the difference and brings value to your cooperation with Project-Newzealand.


Sunrise at Cape Reinga

Sunrise at Cape Reinga


This is one of the main reasons why our readers value us so much. This leads to different cooperation’s with brands and companies, from the different industry sectors. Most of our cooperation’s come from the tourism / travel / leisure industry or insurance sector. As story teller and help for all new travellers, we bring real impressions to our community. We bring our face to content, articles and videos. Things that a classical advertising is not able to bring. Because of our targeted customer group, we have less people that get lost. So our community can trust us and gets advices by people they trust. But what is Project-Newzealand about?


Your own van in New Zealand?

Your own van in New Zealand?


Project-Newzealand – Discover New Zealand

Project-Newzealand stands for travelling to one of the most beautiful countries of the world: Travelling to the other side of the world + making own experiences + having fun and making new friends. We collect moments, memories and experiences and inspire a growing and interested community, which we are very proud of.


My van in front of Lake Pukaki

My van in front of Lake Pukaki


What does this mean?

To clearly point out: Since 2016 we run our German blog, and from a private story about travelling New Zealand, a big blog grew up with tips & tricks and stories about New Zealand. Always with us is our community, following our stories and the different social media channels we provide. Always with new fresh impressions about New Zealand. New content is shared on our different platforms like this blog, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


We love New Zealand and spend as much time as possible there. With us and our luggage we have everything we need to experience new stories and to provide new blog articles. Our vlogging camera and the community is always following close, a real Project-Newzealand.


What we do

So we travel New Zealand and share our experiences and advices with our community. This happens with travel stories, blog articles, photos and stories on Instagram and soon with travel videos on YouTube as well. It is like a story, but a real one, with real experiences, feelings and feedback from our community. Nothing gives us more joy than to get feedback from our community, to hear tips that worked out or to get additional information’s we didn’t find. And that’s one more point, why we reach out to a well targeted audience, which is interested in traveling and New Zealand.


Overview on partners and advertising partners

How cooperation with Project-Newzealand might look, that’s something we tell you a bit further down. First we want to give you an example list with previous and current partners and cooperation’s.


Premium partners / advertising partners

To our premium partners belong:

  • Camper Oase
  • Wise


Advertising partner / affiliate partner

Advertising partners are amongst others:

  • Currencyfair
  • DKB
  • STA Travel
  • Booking
  • AirBnB
  • Hostelworld
  • Skyscanner
  • Idealo Flights

If you are interested in starting projects together, a partnership or sponsoring’s, then we look forward to your E-Mail to


Online media

We have been guests in other blogs and have been talking about our Project-Newzealand. As example we show you some stories of the different media, which had us as guests:


Wir sind Podcast:

Wir sind Podcast

Wir sind Podcast

To the podcast by Wir sind Podcast


Working together with Project-Newzealand

There are many possibilities to work together with us. But before every cooperation, one thing must be clear:

Depending on the agreement and final package, we can offer a short-term and short to long-term scattered cooperation’s. The cooperation’s can be visible on Instagram in our stories, YouTube, Facebook or our travel blog is possible. On YouTube, you can be visible in our videos, either in vlog form or as a pure product video. For campsites, hostels or hotels, the whole video is also possible as a room or place tour. Advertisings can be integrated into travel reports on our blog and we also offer sponsored posts where we write about a special topic. But let’s go into detail on some possibilities:

Are all of these points accepted by you, and then we have the following possibilities to set up projects and campaigns:


Long-term partnerships / brand ambassadors / campaigns:

Your product or brand suits perfectly to Project-Newzealand and our audience? Then let’s talk about a long-term partnership. Here we can offer you the partnership as a brand ambassador or a premium partnership including an advertising space at our start page. We can offer advertisings on our different social media channels as well. Whatever your idea is, let’s talk about it. We can run individual campaigns as well, so we can show your product or brand in the right environment.


Sponsored posts:

Would you like, that we write a paid article about your topics that fit our blog themes? Not a problem! But we will just write about things we could test by ourselves. Our articles are always real and authentic; we don’t let us pay for a special meaning. Please don’t try to make us write a special thing if you have a shitty product.


Advertising in our Newsletter / sponsored Newsletters:

If you want we can place your brand or product in our Newsletter, for example as Newsletter sponsor, with your logo in the footer area. Here we can just accept products or brands that fit perfectly to our audience. We want to succeed with knowledge and help, not by showing crappy stuff.  A flooding or articles that don’t fit to our target audience will not be promoted by us. Our readers and our community always have the highest priority for us.


Banner placing:

Banner placements are possible as a premium partner on our start page, but we can talk about individual banner placements on articles as well. Please write us a message with your idea. Regarding to the premium partner advertising places, here we will limit it to a max of 5 spaces. The run-time can be negotiated individual. As our reach and our credibility is growing permanent the longer we run the blog, are these premium advertising places the most powerful ones.


Corporate content / exclusive produced photos or videos:

We have upgraded our photo- and video equipment in 2018 and are now able to film everything in 4k. Now we can produce high quality videos about you, your brand or product. We can record on the ground as well as in the air or in the water. Depending on your ideas we can produce photos and videos, if you want we can even do all the editing and cutting on videos. We can offer travel stories, user reviews or full blog articles. We can produce for social media as well, like Facebook, Instagram and Co. Please let us know if you’d like to produce new material for you and let’s talk about your ideas and what we can offer to you.


Individual press trips / blogger trips:

Individual trips, that suit to Project-Newzealand, are always possible. We don’t mind if event, accommodation or your business shall be introduced, we are looking forward to your offer. We are always travelling together as couple; we are only interested in group trips for bloggers or journalists if we can talk and show everything free and without restrictions. We like individual trips as well, which we can give away in our community or where we can travel together with our community.


Give away:

Free give away are always welcome in our community. Our last give away with things related to New Zealand was a full success. If you’d like to raise your visibility of your brand or product on social media and benefit from our community, then we are looking forward to your offer.


Important information’s, hints and principles:

We mark advertising content according to regulations and links within cooperation’s are always set as nofollow links. Regardless of the amount of compensation, please don’t try to offer dofollow links, we don’t offer them. Also, the necessary labelling of advertising content is not debatable, we stick to existing laws. Please don’t contact us if you want a bad product rated well. We make our own experiences and share them honestly with our community. We only advertise real and authentic.

Also on link purchase or exchange, guest contributions which are pure advertisements, as well as finished sponsored posts or the publication of press releases, we are not interested. Thanks in advance.

We only work with companies that convince us and which we think fit 100% to us. Authenticity and credibility are our highest goods. Our community trusts us and therefore there are no compromises about this.



Cooperation’s must also result for us in a win. We therefore require a fair payment for our work and services. Of course, we don’t understand “free” accommodation, vouchers, media discounts or generous links as a fair remuneration for our work and services. We don’t offer free advertising and do not work on an exchange basis as this doesn’t mean a win situation for us. Consider the workload, the value of our reach, and just the fact that we can’t pay our bills by swapping. So if you and your company are looking for a suitable company and recognize you here, we look forward to your message to



It is really important to us, that we feel the people on the other side. We are all travellers and humans, business is business. But the time of unpersonal and rigid meetings with empty faces should be gone now. So we are looking forward to your personal contact message, a friendly cooperation and interesting projects.


Detailed media Kit:

Of course we would like to send you our detailed media kit with numbers and our audience. If you are interested please just send an email to and ask for our media kit.


We are looking forward to your first message with first ideas.


Nice greets