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The New Zealand tax declaration

As part of the tax return in New Zealand we have the following tips for you.
Be sure to register with your IRD on the Inland Revenue Department website for the MyIR online service.

1. Go to the website of the Inland Revenue Department and look on the right side. If you are not registered, go to “Register”.

2. Now you have to choose that you want to have a personal myIR account.

3. If you go to “Create account now” you will be asked for your IRD. So you have to have it already.


4. Then you enter your personal information and do everything to activate your account. The most important thing you have done now.


What you can do with the MyIR account

On the myIR website you can do the following things (and much more) after logging in:

  1. If you want to see regularly how much money you have already earned and how much taxes you have paid.
  2. At the end of the tax year (1.4.-31.3.) You can make your tax return online here.
  3. You can send messages and questions directly to the Inland Revenue Department.
  4. You can calculate if you have paid too much taxes with the online calculator.


More information or any questions left

More information on how to do your tax declaration properly can be found in the following articles on our blog.

If you have any further questions about MyIR then please leave your comment under this article. Thanks in advance.



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