The fourth trip to New Zealand #12 – Travel stories

A night in Auckland and another meeting with the Vanvagabonds

After I had worked all Monday relaxed, I met up with the van vagabonds again in the evening. At a parking lot at the lake we spent the evening chatting and cooking.

Also, my selling method seems to work, so I simply wrote 4 Sale on my windowpane with a chalk pencil and I am always being addressed.

Tomorrow I have a workshop appointment and my car is checked again. Because of the age I assume that there will be some repairs.


After a quiet night I drive the car to the garage where Jannis works, so I have at least the feeling that his boss will be honest with my van and won't talk me into unnecessary things.


Jacqueline & I

Jacqueline & I


While my van is in the workshop, I sit with Jacqueline in the library and work. Working in pairs is more fun, because you can talk for a while or watch each other's tools. This way the whole thing complements each other well and we are productive until the afternoon. When I can pick up the van again at 4 p.m. I am almost struck by the blow. Because some parts on the axle were renewed and in total, I pay about 1100 NZD for the repair and the wages. Also, the WOF was not renewed because the inspectors are not familiar with vans and therefore do not want to get their fingers dirty. Not the yield I expected for today.

So, I may consider an alternative plan, because I would like to sell my van with a new WOF.


Mairangi Bay and a meeting with other Youtubers

After a comfortable night, I spend the morning at Mairangi Bay and have breakfast overlooking the sea. From there I drive to a shopping mall, because there I meet Dan ‘N' kirsty, who I stumbled upon a few days ago while doing laundry. On a parking lot their van was parked and, on the back, there was a thick YouTube logo. I spontaneously talked to them and we talked a bit shop. Even though YouTube is not the main channel for Project New Zealand, it is always interesting to meet other creative people.


View on the Auckland Skyline

View on the Auckland Skyline


And out of this short unexpected meeting today a meeting with the two of them developed.


Together we drive to Mairangi Bay and stroll along the bay. At a street vendor we buy the freshest strawberries from a field near Auckland.

More about our day the two have summarized in the following video on YouTube.

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In the evening I drop Philipps and my backpacks off at Isabell's, because the next morning I take a flight to Christchurch.


After getting rid of my luggage, I meet up in the evening with the hitchhiker Max whom I took a ride from Mount Cook. I love these opportunities to talk to people of different nationalities and get a little insight.

So, we meet in Auckland in the Chocolate Boutique and try different delicious chocolate specialities.


Delicious food at the Chocolate Boutique

Delicious food at the Chocolate Boutique


Another tries for a WOF and my flight to Christchurch

The next morning, I drop my van off at Doro and her husband Darren from Kiwi Cruise Control, because they want to see if my van can get a WOF again.

Gratefully I hand my van in the morning, have a short chat and then take an Uber* to the airport in Auckland. From there I take a domestic flight to Christchurch, because I am invited to a wedding and fly to Christchurch.


Plane at the Auckland Domestic Airport

Plane at the Auckland Domestic Airport


Terry and Isabella, my hosts from the early days, are getting married in a few days and have invited me to come to their wedding. Actually, I was not convinced, because it takes 4 days, but a wedding in New Zealand is also a unique chance and so I am happy about the trust that is part of such an invitation.

With the two of them I may spend the days in the living room, so I save the extra costs for accommodation or a hostel.


Selfie on the plane to Christchurch

Selfie on the plane to Christchurch


A Friday in Christchurch and the wedding preparations

Since both of them were already convinced of my driving skills last time, this time the role of the driver will be mine as well. So, we do last errands for the wedding and pick up the wedding cake.

I also get to know Terry's mother and his two sisters. And funnily enough, everyone is visibly surprised that I can use an iron to iron my shirt by myself.

For me actually a thing that I don't think is so special, but apparently this is different in other countries.

It is also very exciting to see that at your wedding, almost everything is done or prepared by yourself. Totally different than on some pompous German weddings where I have already been.


The wedding day

Saturday starts early, because the lady for make-up and hair comes at 7 o'clock already. So, first the bride and then all bridesmaids get a similar style with makeup and a new hairstyle.

Since the wedding photographer of the two of them cancelled spontaneously, I accompany the part documentarily and take every now and then a nice photo of the preparations as well as the actual wedding.

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All in all, a very informal celebration, because it is a Minion wedding. Everywhere there are Minion balloons, Minion decoration and the wedding cake is blue and delicious.


Minion decoration everywhere

Minion decoration everywhere


With Thereza I flee outside on the terrace as the wedding dance starts. Not knowing that this will turn into a beautiful story. We have a good conversation and realize that we are similar in some points.


The wedding cake

The wedding cake


Besides the wedding cake there is delicious finger food, small burgers and chips. All in all, very different from a German wedding, but very uncomplicated and direct. I have a good conversation and at the end of the day we end up at the bridal couple's home in a small cosy group and toast the two of them again.

It is getting later and later and when the last guests leave it is already deep night. Extremely tired I go to sleep.


The morning after

The next morning, I wake up, enjoy a coffee and a slightly hung-over bride and groom wake up already at 9 o'clock.

We spend the last morning together again at Diner 66 and have a delicious breakfast. Honestly, there are simply burgers for breakfast. Around noon I take an Uber* back to the airport and fly back to Auckland.


Burgers for Breakfast

Burgers for Breakfast


Since I get a rental van the next day, I spend the night in a cheap but sufficient hostel near the airport. Here all guests also seem to spend at most one night or drive to the airport during the night. I would only recommend this hostel under very specific circumstances, because the distance to the airport is the only good thing here. Tomorrow we will go to the rental van and a great tour with the dear Frenchwoman Charlotte.


Travel period and interesting facts

Our fourth New Zealand trip took place from 15.08.2019 – 13.11.2019. Without much planning but with a lot of knowledge we explored New Zealand in our own van and got many updates to already existing knowledge. So, we can continue to be a relevant and important source of knowledge for you as a New Zealand interested person. If you want to get information about New Zealand, this blog is available for free.


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