How to guest post

We publish your guest post

Again, on the project New Zealand blog, we like to publish your guest post. You want to share on our blog your most beautiful New Zealand experience or a great experience from your trip? You have an experience in New Zealand that has made your trip easier or you just want to share something with our readers? Then we look forward to your article.


Rules for a guest post

To make it easier for you to create and submit guest posts, the following rules apply to all submitted guest contributions:

Your guest contribution should in any case bring benefits to our readers. Guest posts that do not meet this first requirement will not be published in any case.
Guest post, which are used only for the left collection, are rejected immediately.

Die folgenden Regeln gelten für einen Gastbeitrag in unserem Blog

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

The following points are important to us

To make it easier for you to create, we hope that the following points are taken into account:

  • The article must provide added value for our readers
  • At least 500 words, limit to the top there is none, as long as it benefits the article
  • Photos (their permission to use us in writing is allowed) should illustrate the article where it makes sense
  • There has to be a topic that fits the New Zealand blog and topic, it should be meaningful in content, and should not contain unnecessary bland passages
  • The post may not contain hidden self-promotion, we reserve the right to make changes to articles where we think this is necessary
  • At the end of the article, the author may briefly put 2-3 sentences about himself and a link to his page, social media profiles, etc. are only linked if our readers have added value
  • The article may also contain no hidden PR, so articles where a separate product (even without a link) is pointed out are not welcome
  • The first sentence of the article must read “This is a guest post by” Author's name “”
  • Subheadings are desired where it serves the orientation in the article
  • The text / article must be EXCLUSIVE for our blog
  • We reserve the right to shorten or streamline articles, always with the intention of offering our readers added value
  • Please send your guest contribution by e-mail in Word format, not as a PDF, to us at the email address below


Coordinate the topic

Please coordinate the topic of your guest post shortly before writing it by email to, in order to save you and us unnecessary work and to avoid a duplication of contents and topics.

Thank you and we look forward to your guest post!