Everything about tax in New Zealand

The big mystery tax in New Zealand explained

It does not matter if it's your first time, how long you've been in New Zealand and how fit you are in tax purposes. Here we bundle all the information we found about the tax in New Zealand. After all, no backpacker has money to waste, and even if you've worked in New Zealand for just a few months, there's probably a nice return for you. And because the tax declaration in New Zealand is super easy, you can do it yourself with little effort. You do not need anyone to help you with your money return. Of course you can say thank you to us if you want, at the end of this page we have created a few possibilities to say thanks. This is not a requirement for our help (but of course we are happy if you say thanks!).


Our new blog article about tax in New Zealand will be released on the 1st of April 2020.



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