Julian – Founder

After a first visit to New Zealand in 2015, Julian returned in 2016 for his own working holiday year.After several stays in New Zealand, Julian is the expert for New Zealand here in the blog.Julian's goal is to ensure that all New Zealand travellers have a great time in New Zealand.

Selfie of Julian

Thereza – Local

Already living in New Zealand for 10 years. Born in South Africa, immigrated to New Zealand after her 18th birthday.
Local and with various experiences here in New Zealand.
Currently girlfriend, passionate chef and travel companion of Julian.


Our mission

With Project-Newzealand, we follow one big mission. To make your working holiday the best time of your life.


Why we started

Everything on the blog started, because many Backpackers had the same questions. And this is how we started answering these questions, finding more and more readers. With more then 10000 people that did come to New Zealand with our help, we are glad to help you to.


Corona restrictions

However, at the moment a bit patience is needed, as Corona is the reason for New Zealand borders to be closed. As soon as this will change, we'll let you know.


Start preparing now

But you can start preparing for your Working Holiday in New Zealand now.