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Worth knowing about New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most popular travel destinations for backpackers and work & travel
traveler. New Zealand offers best options for long-term travelers and relative easy visa options for all German citizens. A 3 month tourist visa can be obtained without registration directly on entry (for most countries). For a work & travel visa (working holiday visa) you should already apply in your home country. Apply at the New Zealand immigration website, most countries get their work & holiday visa (if available for the country) within a short period.

Starting money for New Zealand

With low startup money (4200 NZ $ on entry + return booked) you can ideally start a longer stay in New Zealand. On-site there are various ways to increase your budget (work) or to get at least free accommodation (woofing) with less work.


Longer stay in New Zealand

New Zealand is perfect for a long-term stay, within 12 months you can visit all the beautiful corners and also circle both islands. Of course, there are also the beautiful Great Walks and many many mountain peaks worth a visit. Thanks to the DOC campsites, there are also easy ways to stay extremely cheap if you have a tent or a minivan to sleep in.


water with skys mirroring in the water

Photo by Jasper van der Meij on Unsplash

Adrenalin and action in New Zealand

For anyone who likes activities with adrenaline, New Zealand is the perfect place to be. In Queenstown on the South Island there is bungee jumping, rafting, speed boating and a few more activities.
In Wanaka you can skydive and the guys from Skydive Wanaka are awesome dudes and have a super nice skydive (tandem skydive of course).

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Everywhere in New Zealand there are other nice activities or relicts of the gold mining time, more about that in the next posts on our blog.


Hiking in New Zealand

For all nature lovers I would like to recommend the hikes called Great Walks, as well as the Milford Sound, they are worth a visit. Should you want to do a tour there, invest the few dollars more and take the longer laps on the sound. These are much more relaxed tours and the chance for dolphins is higher.


What did you do beautiful in New Zealand? What did you find the most beautiful activity?


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