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Save money while refuelling in New Zealand

You travel through New Zealand and have your own car or campervan. Then, like many others, you'll have to fill up occasionally so you can continue. Especially the fuel consumption is a big cost factor when driving, so why not save money when refuelling and always pay the lowest price? Here is how to save money by using Gaspy.


Save money using Gaspy

Save money using Gaspy


Useful app to compare prices

In Germany, everyone uses the apps in which you will see what the fuel currently costs. Pick out cheapest gas station and go there, done. Life can be that simple; in Germany every gas station is obliged by law to report the prices. Unfortunately, it is not known to many that there are such apps almost everywhere. Such apps are also available for New Zealand and one that we have used ourselves, we want to introduce again today.


Price comparison based on price and location around you

Price comparison based on price and location around you


The New Zealand Sprit Spy – Gaspy NZ

We used the app Gaspy during our trip to New Zealand. This works on a simple principle. Each user can easily transfer the current price via mobile phone at the gas station where he is currently. Say many users lead to a good experience and a convenient price comparison of gasoline. Regardless of whether you fuel diesel or gasoline, you can easily see all this information in the app and also upload it yourself if the price has changed. Regionally, the price differences in New Zealand are enormous. Feeling the price fluctuations were clearly in the range of 20-50ct per litre depending on the region.


Where can I get the app

The app Gaspy is available free of charge and financed by advertising. It is usable in New Zealand and Australia. Available for Apple IOS and Android in their app markets. It is important that you register after downloading and setting the correct country. By default, Australia was activated, which meant that New Zealand's cities were not displayed and we were surprised.


How does it work in detail?

Once you've registered and granted the app access to your location, you'll always see the cheapest gas station in the area. If you are looking for something in a certain place, you can also search manually above.

In the bottom line you can under the item “My Gas” set which sort of fuel should be displayed. On the left side under the item “Sort” you can set what the search result should be sorted. Here you can search for the distance to the gas station in addition to the sorting for the price. Usually sorting by price is the most effective.


Choose your gas

Choose your gas


Save money by cheaper refuelling

By using the cheapest gas station can always save some money, in addition we have if possible even the AA card used; this allows discounts at certain participating gas stations. How the principle works exactly, we have explained in another post.


Sort by

Sort by


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    • Hi Jo,

      spy coins are a virtual currency, so you get coins in exchange for reporting prices and price changes.
      So it’s a virtual race, who is more active then others.

      Cheers Julian

  1. Hi , i have noticed over the last few mornings that i have lost overnight over a 1000 spy coins then the next night 1212 spy coins, i would just like to know why is this. I think that Gaspy is great and to let you where the cheapest fuel is. Thanks and Cheers

    • Hi Mark,

      sorry but I can’t really give a hint. Maybe they delete some coins after a while. Haven’t noticed that on my Gaspy app now, so maybe it’s starting later after a year or so.

      Glad you read our article.

      Cheers Julian

    • Hi Rio,
      I don’t know a way of how to use them. But you earn them to show how active you are as a user and to participate in the global ranking list.

      Hope that helps,


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