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Here you can find our personal highlights in the Bay of Plenty region

The Bay of Plenty stretches from just below the Coromandel Peninsula to almost the East Cape. Apart from Tauranga, only Rotorua as a larger city is located in the Bay of Plenty. Besides the two cities, the Bay of Plenty is also home to New Zealand's kiwi production. In the area around Te Puke, New Zealand's Kiwi region. Almost exclusively kiwis are grown there. Our personal highlights in the region can be found here in the article. Have fun reading.



Mount Maunganui

The highest mountain in the Tauranga area. Mount Maunganui can be climbed comfortably in less than an hour. From the top and along the way you have a good view of the sea and the small town of Tauranga. In our experience, the short ascent is only worthwhile in good weather. It is especially impressive at sunrise or sunset. Have fun.


View from Mount Maunganui

View from Mount Maunganui


Redwoods Rotorua Whakarewarewa Forest

In Rotorua there are the so-called redwoods. A forest of gigantic “Californian Coast Redwoods”. In the redwoods there is a dense network of hiking trails and mountain bike tracks. So, you can let off steam for days and explore every corner of the 5600-hectare forest. And would you like to experience even more? Then visit the “Redwoods Treewalk” which takes you through the trees at lofty heights. In the evening even in chic lighting and with completely different impressions. Have fun exploring the Redwood Whakarewarewa Forest Park.

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Redwoods Rotorua

Redwoods Rotorua


Kuirau Thermal Park Rotorua

In Rotorua there are strong thermal influences. This leads to the fact that it smells like rotten eggs, as far as possible permanently. This comes from the sulphur and the geothermal influences. A free park to get an impression is the Kuirau Thermal Park in Rotorua. Here you can see both hot muds. As well as taking a free warm footbath. Depending on the season the park is sometimes more and sometimes less frequented. The geothermal energy looks most impressive at cooler temperatures, because then it steams everywhere. Have fun exploring the Thermal Park in Rotorua.


Thermal Park Rotorua

Thermal Park Rotorua


Rogers Road Reserve

Only a little off the State Highway 2 (SH2) is the Rogers Road Reserve. With direct view to the sea. Perfectly located for a pleasant day at the sea, or a short break on your drive along the Bay of Plenty. Surfers and fishermen are often found here. We ourselves took a nap at Rogers Road Reserve. All vehicle sizes can stop here comfortably. Enjoy the sea.


Rogers Road Reserve and the sea

Rogers Road Reserve and the sea


Whangaparaoa Marae

Along the Bay of Plenty there are many Maori churches. The Whangaparaoa Marae (Marae stands for church) is one of the most beautiful Maori churches along the Bay of Plenty. And as it is located directly on the way to the East Cape, why not stop and take a picture. And if you take a closer look you will discover more Maori carvings and artifacts along the way. Have fun discovering the Maori culture.


Rose Garden and the Begonia House Tauranga

In Tauranga there is a beautiful rose garden and the so-called Begonia House. This garden is especially worthwhile in spring and summer, because then you can discover beautiful flowers and roses there. The begonias are also worth a visit. The entrance is free and if the weather is good you can spend an hour or more there.

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McLaren Falls and McLaren Falls Park

The McLaren Falls Park, as well as the McLaren Falls, is a perfect spot for a beautiful day at the lake. If you want to play disc golf, you can do so here in the park. But be careful, as there are many waterways just waiting to catch your discs.

You can also stay overnight at McLaren Falls Park for a small fee. Either pay at the front entrance or wait by the car in the evening until the park ranger makes his rounds and collects the money. There are even hot showers in the park if you pay for the night.

Which walk in the park do you like best? We look forward to your comment here under the articles.


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