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How to start your Working Holiday in New Zealand in autumn

Today I recommend where you can start your New Zealand Autumn.
The New Zealand Autumn is approximately the same as the German Autumn and is from about March to May.


autumn leaves in New Zealand

Where to start your Working Holiday in New Zealand in autumn – Photo by Jérôme Prax on Unsplash


Where and why you should start in New Zealand in autumn I will tell you now

In the New Zealand autumn many backpackers are already leaving. The prices for cars and accommodation are correspondingly good. So you can get a bargain and have a better start than at the beginning of the high season.


Do you want to go straight to work?

My personal recommendation for the arrival would then be in Wellington. Many backpackers come through here and try to sell their car.

The city is big and you can quickly drive a purchased car to the big farm areas (e.g. Hawkes Bay with Nelson and Hastings). Or cross over to the South Island to go to a vineyard in Blenheim


Would you like to travel first?

If you want to travel first, you have the option of arriving in Wellington and enjoying the warmer north first.

Alternatively, you can start in Christchurch and explore the South Island first. Please note, however, that depending on the weather, some areas may not be so perfect to visit. Especially in the mountains, snow chains may be useful and not all passes can be crossed freely. At least not with every vehicle.

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Christchurch as a bigger city also has the advantage that there are many jobs in the construction industry almost all year round. The city itself, however, I found only partly beautiful. The best for me in Christchurch was Sumner and the surf beach there. Also New Brighton with its pier is worth a visit. In spring and summer the botanical garden is also worth a visit.


What you should definitely do for work:

Please note that you need a bank account and the New Zealand Tax Number (IRD) BEFORE you start work. You can find out how to apply for these here:


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