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Relevant groups for New Zealand

Welcome to our community. The best community for your trip is Backpario, the convenient location-based social media app. Whether it's carpooling, car buying, accommodation or tips, you'll find everything useful in your area.

And you can also search for Travelmates. Networking can be that easy. Take a look and install the free app Backpario (IOS/Android).



More groups

Many things happen in New Zealand with social media. Especially for rideshares and car buying/selling, a lot of things happen in our Facebook groups. Here we have a list of our available groups.


We offer groups to the following topics

  1. Cars
  2. Travel
  3. Jobs


Car groups

  1. NZ Campervans South Island
  2. NZ Campervans North Island
  3. Backpackers Buy & Sell New Zealand


Backpacker travel groups

  1. Work und Travel sponsored by Projekt-Neuseeland
  2. Backpacker alone in New Zealand
  3. Work und Travel Neuseeland
  4. Backpacker Work and Travel Nz
  5. New Zealand Backpacker Blogs & Traveler Videos
  6. Women Travel in New Zealand


Job groups

  1. NZ Backpacker Travel & Jobs North Island
  2. NZ Backpacker Travel & Jobs South Island



Comments, ideas or additions

You still have an interesting group for us? Then send us an email to with the link to the group. Thank you very much!