New Zealand Public Holidays 2021

These are the Regional and National Public Holidays for 2021 in New Zealand

New Zealand has a total of 10 National Holidays in 2021. In addition, there are a total of 14 Regional Holidays that do not apply to all of the regions in New Zealand. Make sure you plan accordingly and use the public holidays as an extension for your holidays.

Below you will find a list of all public holidays in New Zealand for 2021.




01.01.- New Year's Day

02.01.- Day after New Year's Day

04.01.- Replacement for Day after New Year's Day (because the original holiday falls on a weekend)

25.01.- Anniversary of the Wellington Region


Public Holidays in New Zealand 2021 (Image by Emma Matthews on Unsplash)

Public Holidays in New Zealand 2021 (Image by Emma Matthews on Unsplash)



01.02.-Anniversary of the Auckland Region

01.02.-anniversary of the Buller region

01.02.-anniversary of the Nelson region

01.02.-anniversary of the Northland region

06.02.-Waitangi Day

08.02.-Replacement for Waitangi Day (because the original holiday falls on a weekend)



08.03.-Anniversary of the Taranaki Region

22.03.- Anniversary of the Otago Region



02.04.- Good Friday

05.04.- Easter Monday

06.04.- Anniversary of the Southland Region

25.04.- Anzac Day

26.04.- Replacement for Anzac Day (because the original holiday falls on a weekend)



07.06.- Queen's Birthday



27.09.- Anniversary of the Canterbury Region (South)



22.10.- Anniversary of the Hawke's Bay Region

25.10.- Labor Day



01.11.- Anniversary of the Marlborough Region

12.11.- Anniversary of the Canterbury Region

29.11.- Anniversary of the Chatham Islands

29.11.- Anniversary of the Westland Region



25.12.- Christmas Day

12/27 – Replacement for Christmas Day (because the original holiday falls on a weekend)

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