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How you can do your tax return when already back home

First of all you have to answer the following question for yourself:

  1. Did I officially work and pay taxes on my IRD number while being in New Zealand?
  2. Am I willing to do a little bit of work for my tax refund?

Only if you have answered these questions with YES, it makes sense for you to continue reading here.

Registration to MyIR online tool

You can skip this point if you are already registered to the MyIR website.

Since the IRD authority does not have a public email address, you should first register for the online service tool “MyIR”.  Go to ird.govt.nz and click on the MyIR registration button on the right side.
If you are lucky enough to have worked just in the New Zealand tax year (1.4.-31.3.), you can also download the form directly from the IRD website or, even better, do it right after registering with MyIR online.


How to check your tax amount

In addition, you can calculate here with the tax list if you get back taxes or if you probably have to pay taxes.

Tax rates

For a quick overview I list you the current tax rates of the year 2017/2018.

The New Zealand Tax Rates are as follows:
• If you earn up to NZ $ 14000 you want to pay 10.50%
• If you earn from NZ $ 14001 to NZ $ 48000 you want to pay 17.50%
• If you earn from NZ $ 48001 to NZ $ 70000 you will pay 30.00%
• If you earn from NZ $ 70001 and over you will pay 33.00% …
46.70% when do not fully complete the Tax Code Declaration (IR330) form. A completed form must include name, IRD number and tax code. The form must be signed.


Complete the appropriate form for your tax back

After the IRD has sent you the right form or you have received the whole thing online, you fill out the whole form and mail back the completed application or send it online.

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Do you still have your New Zealand bank account, and then please use this bank account for your tax return. If you have any questions you can send a secure message via the MyIR website. If you no longer have a New Zealand account, you have two options. First you can transfer the money to a person in New Zealand which you know, and then this person can send you the money via Transferwise. The second option is receiving a cheque to your German address. With the cheque, you go to the bank and hand him over. Be careful as your bank might charge you a lot of money for taking a foreign cheque. After this you are finished.


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Processing times

The processing time is usually a maximum of 8-12 weeks, and then the cheque should arrive at your place.
If you have the opportunity to use your New Zealand account, then do that because it is a lot cheaper.


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We hope you enjoy doing your tax return. If you do it, mostly you will get some money back.
We are happy to receive a comment, if your tax refund went well or in case of any questions.

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