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REGO (Vehicle Registration Fees) and RUC (Road User Charges) in New Zealand

Here in this article we answer the following questions today. What is the REGO and what do I need it for in New Zealand? We also answer the mystery of Road User Charges (RUC) and what they are needed for. Read more:



What is the Rego and what do I need it for?

Every car in New Zealand must have a valid WOF and a valid Rego. The Rego is the road registration. Unlike in Germany, there is no separate motor vehicle tax in New Zealand, with payment of the Rego you have permission to drive your car on New Zealand roads as long as you also have a valid WOF (Warrant of Fitness). So, you need the REGO to drive your car legally on New Zealand roads.


What does the Rego cost?

The Rego can be licensed on a monthly basis. An administration fee is charged for each renewal, this remains the same, which is why a renewal over several months is somewhat cheaper than a renewal over short periods of time. A private car cost about 31NZD for 3 months, 57NZD for 6 months and 110NZD for 12 months. Prices may vary slightly as the administration fee and accident insurance (ACC) are not yet included.

For larger vans the costs are slightly higher. Vans up to 3500kg cost 36NZD for 3 months, 66 NZD for 6 months and 128NZD for 12 months. Also, here the prices can deviate minimally upward in the reality because of administration and accident insurance fees.

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Motorcycles are relatively expensive; the price depends mainly on the motorization. You find the prices for motorcycles under the link to the NZTA in the next line.

Here you can find the current prices of the NZTA.


Where can I extend the Rego?

The Rego can be extended in almost all postal stations easily and within a few minutes by specifying the license plate number. You have to fill out a form MR1B), enter your driver data and choose how long you want to extend your Rego. After that you will normally get a new printout with the new expiration date for your Rego immediately. You push this over the old printout which is normally attached to the lower left corner of the windscreen. 

Already finished. Just to be on the safe side, check that the Rego is still valid for a few days so you don't have to pay for it directly. The cost is about 10 – 15 New Zealand dollars per month, depending on the car.


Rego Zettel

So sieht der Rego Zettel aus


Road User Charges (RUC)

What is the RUC (Road User Charge) and who needs it?

There is a special feature with diesel vehicles, here you must pay attention to a valid Rego and the WOF as well as a valid RUC (Road User Charges). This contains a range from xyz to zxy kilometres. Basically, you pay an extra fee for road use. Let's assume that your car has currently run 243000 km. Then you need a Road User Charge Voucher visible on the windscreen, which contains this area. If you are caught without a valid RUC (Road User Charge), you have to pay a penalty. The Road User Charge is levied because diesel (unlike petrol) is not taxed in full at the time of purchase. The Road User Charge (RUC) must be paid by all drivers of a diesel vehicle.

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When buying a diesel vehicle, make sure that the RUC is valid or that you have a remaining mileage that you can use before you have to extend it.


What does the RUC (Road User Charge) cost?

You can buy 1000 km each for about 75-80 New Zealand dollars. So, if you know that you want to drive a lot, you can pay several 1000 km at once.

The exact fee consists of the administration fee and the fee for the RUC. Administration fees for private use vary from about 5NZD to 9NZD. In addition, there is the RUC fee, which has been 72NZD per 1000 kilometres since 1.7.2019. Vehicles with a weight of more than 3.5 tons gross vehicle weight, increase in the fee.

Here you can find the current prices of the NZTA.


Where can I buy the RUC (Road User Charge)?

You can also extend and pay the Road User Charge at the post office. Here you will be asked for the current mileage of your speedometer at each extension. After providing all this information, you will also receive your Road User Charge Voucher directly and can continue driving immediately. You use the new voucher to replace the old voucher. This voucher is usually also on the left side, above or below the Rego.


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