Do you know the 5 easiest ways to find a job? – Backpacking tips

Find work and do your job search effectively

Since finding work is difficult, especially at the start in New Zealand, today we share some tips that make your job search easier.

We asked more than 100 different backpackers and filtered the possibilities that most likely lead to a job. So with these five clues it should be easier for you to find a job while travelling. All the best for your job search and safe travels.


5 clues how to find a job

  1. The easiest and usually the fastest way to get a job is “just ask”. That means for you, grab a car and just ask at places where you want to work. It may be that you should leave a CV there or that there is no one else on staff who can decide about job inquiries. Then just ask for a number where you can call or an email address where you can apply. Inquiry has been the option with the most votes in the poll. Most of the people got a job by visiting and asking.


  1. The second most voted options are online job websites. There is a huge selection in New Zealand. The best known options are Backpacker board (Backpacker board Website); Trade Me (Trade Me Website), Seek (Seek Website) or Facebook Groups (List of interesting Facebook groups). Then, of course, there are often job offers advertised on company websites. If you can, you should call them and personally ask if the job is still open and when you can start. E-Mails are possible in New Zealand, but you get more answers if you call or text them.


  1. If you are unsuccessful in the first two options or you do not dare then variant three is definitely the one for you. There are so-called working hostels, these hostel give you a job if you sleep in the hostel and of course pay for it. The hostels earn money like that and you are lucky to have a job. If you look for a working hostel, just stay there if they put you in a job in a short time. Some bad hostels make it a sport to let you pay, even if they don’t have a job for you right now. If there is no definite yes then ask if you have to pay only if they have given you a job. That sometimes helps you to get a job faster. And if you can stay for free as long as they don’t give you a job, that’s a nice way of staying a few days as well. Normal weekly rates are between 100 – 150 NZD a week. Popular places might be a bit more expensive.


  1. Option four are the working agencies. These acts similar to the working hostel, only the agencies earn their money when you really have a job. In other words, here it is the biggest interest to find a suitable job for you. Big working agencies in New Zealand are for example AWF, OneStaff, Tradestaff, FultonHogan. If you look for a job and you don’t know if there is any agency, you can ask at the tourist information or local people, most of them know the local agencies really well. And of course you can find these agencies on the web as well.


  1. A variant that is very practical and works well, personal recommendation. So if you know someone or get to know someone who already works at that place, just ask them if they can recommend you. Just ask if you can come along and ask for work there too. Most of the time it works much better and the chances of getting a job are higher. For us that worked really well.


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Using a CV (Cover Letter)

If you need a CV to apply for your job, here in the blog you can find an example cv to rebuild by yourself.



Good luck with finding work. These are the five options that are the simplest and the most working. Good luck and have a nice time in New Zealand.  These five are the options which were named most in our poll asking other backpackers.


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