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The ANZ Go New Zealand App

Of course, the first thing you need is a bank account at the ANZ bank in New Zealand.

There you will receive your customer number you need for setting up the app.


App Icon of the ANZ goMoney NZ App

ANZ goMoney NZ App


Where to find the app

You can find the app “ANZ go Money New Zealand” for Android in the google play store or on iTunes, if you see the app, but the message does not get a valid device. Then please register again with Google at another email address and select New Zealand as your location in the Play Store. As today, you can’t change the location after signing up unfortunately. On apple you can simply change your location so it will not become a problem.



Alternatively, google for the ANZ go Money New Zealand APK and download just the APK file to your phone. After that you can install the app. You may need to allow the installation of APK files in your phone's settings.



For Apple's IOS you can find the app at the app store as well, at Apple you can change your location if necessary via the settings to New Zealand, should this be necessary for the download.


Register the app

After opening the app you have to enter your customer number and the pin you have assigned for your online banking access. Then you can create a new PIN that will only be used to access the app from the next time.

Once the whole thing is done, you will have access to your ANZ bank account(s) and can do everything from there.

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Digits for safety reasons

ANZ goMoney Pin


What can I do in the ANZ app

  1. See account balance
  2. Look at payments
  3. Transfer funds between own accounts back and forth
  4. Transfer funds to other people or pay your bills
  5. Personalize app


The menu bar of the ANZ goMoney NZ App

The menu


Everything together at one place

Everything you can do in online banking on the ANZ website can be found here in a compact but simple form.


So you have everything quickly at a glance and can directly access without the PC / start the tab. Open app, get done, finish.


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