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Which backpack is ideal for your backpacker trip

In preparation for New Zealand, the question is always asked about the right luggage for your travel. Do you prefer a backpack or a suitcase, or a mix of both? As so often the answer is, it depends. But what matters? It depends on your travel style. If you want to hike, experience nature and sometimes hitchhike, then a decent backpack is the best choice in our experience. If you want to come back and buy your own car, then you can also consider a suitcase. And for those who can’t decide, there are also backpacks that have wheels and so are both backpack and trolley. Remember that your backpack or suitcase is your most important asset for the time of your trip. So please do not save on the wrong things, but consider what makes sense and suits you well. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one, to be a good one.


How big should my backpack or suitcase be?

The size of the backpack or suitcase should not be too big. If it's too big, you're tempted to pack too much unnecessary stuff. Ideal in our opinion are backpacks with 45 to a maximum of 65 liters. It is also practical if the backpack has access like a suitcase. This makes it easier for you to get your things wrapped up. A good compromise is a backpack with 55 + 10 liters.
If you take a suitcase or trolley you should also be careful not to have too much space. First you have to pull (or carry) the suitcase behind you. Secondly, you have to store the suitcase too, depending on it’s size, it will not be easy in the car. We decided against suitcases for practical reasons, in our opinion too many advantages offers a good backpack. And we wanted to enjoy the New Zealand nature as well.


What should I look for in a backpack?

The most important thing in the backpack is wearing it pleasant. This also means that you should not buy your backpack on the Internet without trying it on your back. We received excellent advice from Globetrotter*. Here you can also try different backpacks with weight. Also try what your back says after 30 minutes of wearing time. If you've tried the first backpacks, you'll quickly notice what feels comfortable to you or not. Of course you can also buy a backpack at Decathlon or other outdoor shops. But always try before you buy, your back will say thank you.
Pay attention to a stable back and a good fit, let you show how to adjust the backpack correctly. This makes carrying the backpack much easier. Ideally, you travel with about 10 to a maximum of 12 kilos in the back pack.
In addition, you can get a smaller backpack as a day pack, this one should have between 25 – 35 liters of volume, which is enough for everyday life in New Zealand.
From big backpacks over 65 liters, we can only advise against, there is usually no reason to carry such a large load of luggage in New Zealand.
And for women, there are some women's models of backpacks, these have an adapted back shape and are sometimes much more comfortable. Deuter for example is a german brand that offers backpacks for women.

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Backpacker sitting in the forest

Photo by Edward Virvel on unsplash


Where can I find a good backpack

We bought our backpacks from Globetrotter and Decathlon. Both have a pleasant selection and also make it possible to try on. Of course you can also buy the backpack in another outdoor or sports shop. But try and not just buy without trying on the net.


Colors, designs and extra features of the backpack

In addition to a great mix of colors and designs, there are also a few nice features that make the backpack even more enjoyable. With our backpacks you could not just get up close to the stuff. In addition, there was a small compartment at the bottom and access via the side facing away from the back. This allows easy access almost like a suitcase.


Important rules for your backpack

With normal constitution, muscle mass and health, your backpack should weigh no more than a quarter of your body weight. Especially trained people may also create something more (maximum one third of the body weight). The heavy weight, you should not wear for long periods and stretches permanently. Otherwise your body can thereby suffer back and joint damage. Also make sure that most of the weight is on the hips and not on the shoulders. The distribution is ideally 30% weight on the shoulders and 70% on the hips.


Prepare the backpack properly for your flight

Since you usually give your backpack normally as a carry-on luggage for the flight, it is important to pay attention to a few things when packing. Pay attention to the maximum permitted weight of the airline for a piece of luggage, usually 20 kg or more, a weight that you should normally not even nearly approach. Important for your backpack is also a transport protection, ideally you take a transport bag which protects all straps and cords as well as the outer sides. We have had good experiences with the transport bags from Globetrotter*, but of course there are some at other retailers (for example, transport bags at Amazon*). The low budget option is to wrap up with your rain cover or wrap around with a roll of cling film, but the rain cover is useless if damaged and the cling film is not environmentally aware enough. Our recommendation is therefore clearly for a transport bag. Before dropping at the airport you should close all the straps and all buckles. For the protection of your luggage you should pack more sensitive items in the middle, insensitive items to the outside of the backpack. So you have a natural layer of insulation from garments and other insensitive items.

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