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Rules for campers

Even though New Zealand is the perfect camper country, in many places the mood is currently tipping significantly against the load of campers. That is one more reason why you should follow the following rules and not to close your eyes if someone else does not behave properly. Classics are left behind garbage, the improper emptying of sewage containers as well as too little distance to the camping neighbours. Whether you're on a regular campsite or on a Freedom campsite, if you follow the rules below, you will not get any problems.



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Greet your neighbours

At the campsite, it is good to greet everybody. No matter if it is a short hello or a hi, a quick look and a nice word will please every other camper. When camping, it is usually relaxed, so that basic rule can’t hurt.


Help if necessary

It can also happen to you that you need help. That's why you should always check if your new arriving neighbours may need some help. No matter if you are stuck or parking in a small gap, thankful words will be sure. If you offer help from you, if necessary, that makes everything a bit more relaxed for the others.


Sitting together around a bonfire

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Be sociable

Camping also lives on talking to your neighbours, at least a short conversation is good. So you often get insider tips and great ideas for your next trips and destinations. Many nice conversations at the campsite ended in a great evening with nice stories shared around a barbecue or bonfire. You can also drink a cool drink with your neighbours if you want. Cooking together shortens the evening and helps making new friends.

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Keep your distance to your neighbours

Your neighbours are happy about some privacy, so please keep 2-3 meters distance if possible. On some campsites this will not be possible, but if possible then you should keep this distance. Even doors should be open for both at the same time easily, and then you have a good distance of your neighbours. When camping, you probably spend your evenings outside in the evenings. It is talked about, laughed, eaten and also drunk. Again, you should pay attention to the normal rest periods. Between 22 o'clock to 8 o'clock you should be careful that you don’t play loud music and also do not disturb with loud laughter. If you are a bigger group it is nice if you take care about everybody else.


Leave your place clean

Part of the rules of camping is that you leave your place at least as clean as you found it. This also means that you either dispose your garbage properly on site or take it with you and then dispose in a public trash. It is extremely annoying when in particular more remote beautiful places with time always there is a lot of garbage. If you see garbage left behind by others, collect it and help New Zealand continue to be so beautiful.


Pay what you owe them

Whether you're on a regular campsite or a Freedom campsite. All campsites can only be operated if someone takes care of the costs. Especially at the Self Check In campsites it is important that you stick to the code of honour. Please follow the rules and if you do not have the right amount of money, ask your neighbours if they can change you. Only with this money, all the beautiful places can be maintained in the future. There are also free campsites where you don’t need to pay anything. Some of them even have a free water tap.


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Do not use abbreviations

Even if it is sometimes shorter, please do not abbreviate about the place of your neighbours. Everyone is happy about a little privacy, please respect them. Also by car or camper van is a short cut rather unfavourable. When you leave the paved paths, the place suffers depending on the condition. And honestly, do you rather stand on a dusty place or on an intact meadow?


Making a barbecue

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Be fair with the restrooms

Do you use the public toilets and sanitary facilities? Leave it as you would have liked to find it. Although sometimes it is not the best environment, a clean toilet will make any camper happy. Especially if you have no alternative toilet in your vehicle. If you should shower, then blow off the walls if possible and remove larger hairs.


Watch out for nature

If there are paved roads, use them, both by vehicle and on foot. Do not step on any plants or trample on the planted borders.


Do not leave anything lying around

Even if it invites you to quickly leave everything in the evening and lie down and disappear in the camper. Please clean up your stuff. Whether camping chairs or the leftovers from the food. Depending on the region, the weather changes quickly and food attracts animals. So please be so good and clean everything together, preferably even in the Camper. So you are ready to leave in the morning and can start driving straight away.


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