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10 things you shouldn’t forget for your New Zealand travel

Today I want to list you the 10 most important things that you shouldn’t forget for your New Zealand trip! Without these things, you will not get through the controls or even into the plane for your trip.

So read carefully and of course you are welcome to write in the comments additions if you miss something. The whole list today I chronologically according to my importance:

  1. Passport valid for longer than your planned travel time
  2. driver's license & international driver's license so that you can drive if you want to
  3. International Health Insurance
  4. Flight ticket & flight plan
  5. Know visa requirements and know which visa you would like to have (if you want to have a Work & Holiday visa, you have to apply for it beforehand, takes about 1-2 weeks)
  6. free credit card or enough cash or both
  7. Camera & sufficient memory cards
  8. big backpack 55l or similar
  9. Smartphone
  10. a booked accommodation for the arrival first two or three days


map and people planning their tripp

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For me these are the ten most important things you should have checked before your trip. Of course, there are even more points, but these are not necessarily important to me, but mostly just “comfort”. This includes for me, for example Books, Tablet PC, Laptop & Travel Guide.
These are things that make the journey more comfortable but of course also have to be carried.
For most airlines you have a free baggage allowance between 20-30 kg. But you also have to be able to carry everything you check in there. Therefor my additional tips, before you travel pack everything. Try how much it weighs and unpack everything you thing you will not really need to survive. I travel with around 12kg of luggage and then have my photo equipment on top of that. And the photo equipment is just a bit and can be packed in the same bag like my travel gear as well. It is still more luggage than I wanted it to be.

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