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How can I have warm clothes in the morning?

Considering that it is cold in New Zealand at night, here are a few tips for you how you do not have to freeze in the morning and during the day.


The days are getting colder and the nights as well. Every morning you crawl out of your warm sleeping bag or blanket, and when you get dressed, you realize how damp the clothes are. Not a nice start when it's still pretty cold outside. Those who sleep in the car may not have the problem as much, but those sleeping in the tent will know the problem.

We'll show you a simple trick on how to get warm and dry clothes in the morning!


Clothes in the sleeping bag

Just put your clothes in the sleeping bag, at the bottom of the foot. That helps twice:

  • More heat is stored in the sleeping bag and your feet do not get cold so quickly
  • By your own body heat you heat up the garments, the sleeping bag keeps the heat and ensures pleasantly warm clothes in the morning
  • Another advantage is that you do not even have to leave the sleeping bag to get your clothes on, which can quickly get uncomfortable with the cold temperatures.


Photo by Alex Gorham on Unsplash

Photo by Alex Gorham on Unsplash


Warm clothes during the day

Since New Zealand is very cold in some areas at night, but still has pleasant temperatures during the day, we have successfully applied the so-called onion principle and can also recommend this to you.


What is the onion principle? It's actually quite simple. Many thin layers give pleasant cosy warmth. So we usually put several layers of clothes on top of each other. In extreme cold, sometimes two T-shirts and two flowing jackets. So you can simply take off layer by layer if necessary, until the temperature is right. Cheap clothes are easy and cheap in the second hand shop (Op Shop).

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From now on you do not have to freeze in the morning and can even keep more warmth in your sleeping bag at night.


More tips and tricks

Do you have any other tips and tricks for warm clothes in the morning, what does not help you to freeze in the morning? We appreciate your experiences and comments!


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