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Working on a vineyard

As the search for a job is rather difficult depending on the season, here is a list of wineries between Nelson and Motueka. Depending on the season, these wineries are the largest employers in the area. We hope you will find this useful; the list is created just for job search. Please write an email or call, that’s the most effective way to find a job in New Zealand.


What types of work do they offer

Most of the vineyard work is pruning, harvest or preparing for the harvest. So there is a lot of work all around the year. The main season is around March to May, we did the harvest in this period. You just work when the weather conditions are fine, if there is or was rain in the last one to two days, then you have off. Grapes are filling up with water, in case of rain. So the taste is not as good as before anymore. And then it takes a few days so that the water gets out of the grapes and the taste is fine again. Harvest was really nice work, we had a good employer and didn’t work on speed, we had to work accurate, and so we were checked on picking the right grapes.


Good luck with the job search

Picking season according to current weather and season starts in early April. For the other types of work, just call or walk in and ask.

Should one of the email addresses no longer work, then please write me a comment so I can keep the list up to date. If you find something to correct, then please let me know as well.

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Rows of grapes in front of a nice sundown

Photo by Karsten Würth (@inf1783) on Unsplash


Vineyards around Nelson and Motueka

1. Fossil Ridge Wines

 72 Hard Road, Richmond

Tel: 03 5449463

Email: wine@fossilridge.co.nz



2. Milcrest Estate

114 Haycock Road, Hope, Nelson

Tel: 03 544 9850 or 027 554 6622

Email: info@milcrestestate.co.nz



3. Greenhough Vineyard

411 Paton Road, RD1, Hope

Tel: 03 542 3868




4. Brightwater Vineyards

546 Main Road, Hope




5. Kaimira Wines

97 Livingston Road, Brightwater

Tel: 03 5423 491 or 021 2484 107




6. Seifried Estate

Cnr. SH60 & Redwood Rd, Appleby

Tel: 03 544 1600




7. Te Mania Wines

108 McShane Rd, Richmond

Tel: 03 544 7585




8. Richmond Plains

108 McShane Rd, Richmond

Tel: 03 544 7585




9. Waimea Estates

Appleby Highway, Hope

Tel: 03 544 4963




10. Rimu Grove Winery

Bronte Road East (off Coastal Highway)

RD1, Upper Moutere

Tel: 03 540 2345




11. Ruby Bay Vineyard

271 Pomona Road, Ruby Bay, Tasman

Tel: 03 540 3938 or 0274 540 393




12. Kina Beach Vineyard

21 Dee Road, Kina, Tasman

Tel: 03 526 6252 or 027 521 5321




13. Kina Cliffs Vineyard

38 Cliff Road, Kina, Tasman

Tel: 03 526 6780 or 027 654 0007




14. Blackenbrook Vineyard

50 Baldwin Road, Tasman, Nelson (turn off at Tasman General Store)

Tel: 03 526 6888




15. Riwaka River Estate

60 Takaka Hill Highway, Riwaka, 7198

Tel: 03 528 8819




16. Neudorf Vineyards

138 Neudorf Road, Upper Moutere

Tel: 03 543 2643




17. Himmelsfeld Wines

100 Gardner Valley Rd, RD1, Upper Moutere

Tel: 03 543 2223 or 027 524 0253

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18. Glovers Vineyard

Gardener Valley Road, RD1, Upper Moutere

Tel: 03 543 2698



19. Mahana

Mahana Cellar Door

243 Old Coach Road, Upper Moutere

Corner of School Road at Mahana

Tel: 03 543 2817 ext 8




20. Harakeke Farm

The Old Post Office Country Store

1381 Moutere Highway, in the middle of the Moutere Village, Upper

Tel: 03 543 2780 or 021 0828 7255




21. Kahurangi Estate

Cnr Moutere Highway & Sunrise Rd, Upper Moutere

Tel: 03 543 2983




22. Moutere Hills Vineyard

Eggers Road, RD1, Upper Moutere

Tel: 03 543 2288 or 021 203 0470




23. Sunset Valley Vineyard

Eggers Road, RD1, Upper Moutere

Tel: 03 543 2161




Questions or anything missing

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