Bonus land: A man, a wheel, a yearning – book review

By bike through New Zealand

By bike through New Zealand or another country? A great idea, but difficult to implement. New Zealand's roads are challenging and many mountains reduce the fun factor. But once you have something in your head, it is strong if the planned is also implemented.


That's exactly what Götz did, from an idea to a plan and then the implementation.

Most of us have a predetermined way in life; this usually goes the next run. The first thing is school education, then education or studies and then off to a job. Best of course well paid, but how about if you loosen this way with little interruptions and once listen to his inner. Many beautiful things can also be done between two stages of life, and some people even change their whole life purpose.


Bonusland book frontview


Traveling after graduation

After studying, that's what Götz did, and during his journey he developed the plan to explore New Zealand by bike. 3500 kilometres and countless experiences later, the plan was put into action. Life fulfilment and setbacks, new acquaintances and many experience in (in our opinion) the most beautiful country in the world. And for those who have not yet been to New Zealand or are there, many beautiful places that are not necessarily touristy are also mentioned.


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For whom is the book something

The book is for everyone who likes to travel, wants to go to New Zealand or is already there, but also for those who just want to read a beautiful pictorial story. With setbacks and encounters that could not be foreseen. The book is also for those who do not read much, the writing style is pleasant and in combination with a map you can really feel like reading in New Zealand.


Kiwi picture on a bicycle patch


For whom is the book nothing

The book is not for you if you want to have everything down to the very last detail or if you want to read a dramatic life story. Of course, there are also setbacks, but above all, you will learn how beautiful such a journey can be and how much courage is needed to complete it.


Facts about Bonus land

Year of publication: 2019

Number of pages: 348 pages

Main character: Götz Nitsche

Price: 14,95 € (DE), 15,40 (A)

ISBN: 978-3-95889-197-5


Bonusland details


Where can I buy the book

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