How to cut onions without crying – Backpacking tips

Cut onions without tears

Do you know the problem, when you are cutting onions? When you start cutting, sooner or later you start to cry and get wet eyes. But what helps against tears and crying? We'll tell you some ideas to avoid this pain in the future!


Tip 1

Take a sip of water in your mouth; it makes you only breathe through your nose. It really helps; we have tested ourselves, and were pleasantly surprised.


Tip 2

Put a diving mask over your eyes and nose. This protects your eyes and nose and your fellow travellers have the best entertainment, it just looks too funny. Helps effective but makes you look stupid.


Onions laying one over the other.

Thomas Martinsen at Unsplash


Tip 3

Fill a larger bowl with water. Then peel the onion under water in the bowl. This prevents the odorants from reaching your nose, so you don’t start crying.


Tip 4

Take a really sharp knife. This will separate the onion cells clean and will not tear them open. By tearing the fine onion juice spreads in the air and this causes the burning in your eyes. So if you avoid tearing the onion cells, you will not have irritable eyes.


Tip 5

If you do not want to cut the onion under water for lack of skin, it is sufficient to rinse the onion briefly under fresh water at short intervals. Thus, the substances that cause the lachrymation are washed away and you can cut onions quite relaxed without crying.


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