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Back in 2016 our great New Zealand adventure did start. In August, Julian arrived in Auckland and did start into his working holiday gap year. To that time, no one knew where this adventure would lead.

Since then, this website and blog do exist. With tipps, tricks and useful information for other travellers. Most of the questions asked regarding your travels, are not the first time, that these questions get asked.

We try to answer and help where we can. And for your exchange with other likeminded people, we run a bunch of facebook groups as well.

Thank you for being with us and have a great time travelling New Zealand!

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Running a large scale website, is not free. Even though we love what we do, we appreciate your support. The easiest way to give us back, is to donate via paypal. We appreciate whatever you give, no matter how much it is. Think about, how much value we gave you and donate what you think is right. Thank you!

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You would like to give us a coffee (or alternatively another drink)? That's really nice of you. Send us a message if you are in the area. Otherwise, you can also easily send us a small amount of your choice via Paypal and we reinvest the into a good drink and other blog posts.

Click on the button below the text. Then you come on a Paypal form and you can easily send us the amount of your choice. No matter what amount it is, we appreciate any recognition regardless of value.

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Option 4 - Donate to our New Zealand Bank account

You have some money left in New Zealand? We have a New Zealand Bank account here as well. If you want, you can simply donate some money by transfering it to our account. How much you transfer, your choice.

Local bank transfers within New Zealand are usually free of charge, so it might be a good and cheap option for you.

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Why do you guys ask for money?

We ask for money, because we want to keep the website free from advertisements. We like to help with your travels and we appreciate each visitor. But if we don't want to become an advertising platform, we need to create more income. Otherwise this website will stop at a stage and then you won't have any help anymore. As we love New Zealand, this would be really sad.

Just as an example. If every visitor would donate 1€ per year, our website could even hire some more staff. But reality is, most people won't donate any money. The more important is, that you do. We really appreciate this and are looking forward to your donation. Thank you and safe travels!!!